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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to bring anything to my first session?
A: Yes, please bring a notebook to take notes about important things to remember, and what to practice.

Q: Do I need to know how to sight-sing or read music?
A: You don't need to know how to read music to start lessons. However, if you are a serious musician or aspire to be one, be prepared that down the road you will have to learn the notes on the staff and do basic sight singing.

Q: Do I have to buy my own sheet music or music books?
A: Yes. Depending on the repertoire you are working on, you might have to purchase some sheet music or music books, but not at the beginning. There are also a number of public domain music sheets available to download online. As we are working together I will advise you when and where to get your music.

Q: Will I have to take exams?
A: You don't have to but you may. Depending on the type of music you are working on and your goals as a singer, I will advise you if and when it would be recommended that you take an exam. Students who work towards their RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) exams will be able to add that to their singer resume and a Grade 11 & 12 high school credit for certain RCM levels is available, ask me for details.

Q: How much do I have to practice at home?
A: This is the most important question of your development as a singer. The more you practice the better you get at singing. Singing involves a number of muscles and their very intricate and sophisticated coordination which requires practice, stamina and some intuition to develop. You need to acquire the muscle memory for proper breathing and support, as well as correct phonation and articulation. It is very important to take daily practicing very seriously. You need the support of your family for this, as they will have to listen to your warm-ups and practicing every day. Whether you can create the right environment for daily practicing or not, your success as a singer depends on it.

Of the amount of practicing I will advise you, depending on your age, level and goals, starting from 10 minutes to an hour daily.

Q: Will I have performance opportunities?
A: Definitely. Once you are ready to perform, there are a number of competitions, festivals, informal recitals, community theatre auditions available that we can choose for you.


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