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My lessons are geared towards learning the absolute fundamentals of vocal technique. The success of my lessons will depend on your dedication and eagerness to learn, on your patience with yourself and on your ability to understand and follow instruction. I offer the following vocal instruction levels:


This progressive program for beginner students or students with some training (up to Grade 3 RCM or equivalent), starts with 4 lessons of Fundamental breathing and air control  - Session 1 - followed by 4 lessons of Fundamental voice production and scales -Session 2. After these eight sessions - weekly or bi-weekly - I will evaluate if students is ready or not for the next level, which will include Progressive scales and control and Repertoire.


SESSION 1: Fundamental breathing and air control, $80/4 lessons prepaid or 4x$25

Recommended Ages: 12* and up, children to adults
Lesson duration: 30 minutes
Number of lessons: 4
Frequency: once a week or twice a week

SESSION 2: Fundamental voice production and scales, $80/4 lessons prepaid or 4x$25

Recommended Ages: Students who has just finished Session 1
Lesson duration: 30 minutes
Number of lessons: 4
Frequency: once a week or twice a week

After students complete Sessions 1&2 I will provide a written evaluation of the student's progress with the technical elements covered, and I will make recommendations if I believe the student is ready to move forward to Intermediate Scales and repertoire and then to Music Theory and Repertoire, see description below. If student is not ready to move forward, I will recommend that student takes a break of one or two months and returns to Sessions 1 and 2. Some students have a a shorter and some have a longer learning curve.

SESSION 3: Intermediate Scales and Repertoire, $120/4 lessons prepaid or 4x$35

Recommended Ages: Students who has just finished Sessions 1 & 2 and are evaluated as ready to proceed
Lesson duration: 45 minutes
Frequency: once a week or twice a week
Number of Lessons: This could span between 3 months to a year, and depends on the student's age and goals. This will be discussed within the first month of Session 3.

SESSION 4: Music Theory and Repertoire, $140 or 4x$40**

Recommended Ages: Students who have been studying Session 3 for at least 3 months and are recommended to include music theory in their studies. Advanced scales and technique will continue throughout.
Lesson duration: 45 minutes
Frequency: once a week or twice a week

* While usually students 10 and under might not be ready to understand and have the patience to go through purely technical training, there are exceptions. If your child 10 and under would like to explore my technical training, I encourage that you book a free audition of 15-20 minutes, where I will listen to a song that the student prepares and will evaluate the student's readiness
**Fee based on 45 minute-lessons.


For intermediate/advanced singers - Grade 4 RCM and up - I offer an evaluation session of 1 hour at a cost of $30 where I will evaluate the student's current vocal fitness and technique, student's goals and plans, I will make comments to point out strengths and weaknesses and I will recommend a plan of action in their vocal training. Intermediate lessons are from 45 minutes to one hour, once or twice a week. My rates at this level are $50/hour for RCM Grades 4-7 or equivalent, $60/hr for RCM Grades 8 and up.

Students who have been studying with me as Beginners will naturally move on to Intermediate level after studying Session 4 for more than 6 months. There is no set time for this, every student is different and it all depends on the student's ability to learn, its dedication and hard work.


I will prepare students for RCM exams up to Grade 8 as well as for college or university level auditions.
I will prepare students for auditions to high school, community and professional musical theatre production, talent show auditions. My general hourly rate is $50.
The time and extent of this preparation varies depending on the goal. Please contact me via email to discuss.


I offer Italian, French, German and Spanish diction lessons for singing, at $25 for a 30-minute session. Please contact me for details.


I offer coaching for two or three students at a time, with the condition that they have completed individually Sessions 1&2, and they are interested in singing and performing together as a group and learning harmonies. This is a lot of fun and an an excellent way to develop musicianship. These sessions will include music theory and sight reading. My hourly rate for groups of 2-3 students is $60.


I teach classical vocal technique which is the foundation for singing any genres, including classical, musical theatre, pop, rock, traditional etc.
For intermediate students I coach classical and musical theatre repertoire, including diction and acting for singing. I also coach popular and jazz styles for gigs, auditions and talent shows.

The lessons are offered in my home studio in Scarborough, at 401 and Markham Rd, OR at your location - within the GTA and subject to availability - for a $10 surcharge. Initial session to be held at my studio.



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